3rd May 3pm Stuttgart | 6:30pm Mumbai | 9am Detroit

How to drive the circular economy in the automotive sector

Experts from Ricardo discuss the key drivers for circularity and provide practical advice on deploying circular economy business models and applying life cycle assessment to inform decision-making.

25th April 1pm Stuttgart | 4:30pm Mumbai | 7am Detroit

Towards software-defined vehicle development

ZF, Microsoft and AVL discuss the challenges, methods and solutions to enable a smooth transition to a continuous software deployment while ensuring software quality and security requirements.

15th March 3pm Stuttgart | 7:30pm Mumbai | 10am Detroit

How virtualization can be an automotive OS enabler

Elektrobit’s Joel Thurlby and Moritz Neukirchner discuss the role of a bare-metal hypervisor in abstracting vehicle resources and allocating them to clusters of vehicle functions in a SDV.

Automotive World Magazine

April 2023

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Automotive World Magazine – April 2023

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